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Grave Digger Galaxy

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So, I was recently scrolling through trucks I would love to see come to beam and I came across Grave Digger Galaxy which I thought was an awesome looking truck. Yes, I know I already did a Grave Digger but I was told by mike bev that it ran on a chassis we don't have yet in Beam so I had to change to a different Grave Digger instead and one that has never seen a real-life appearance and was a toy exclusive (As far as I am aware of) and so I thought I would request for it to be made in Beam. 

Here's the info needed for those who want to try and make it. 

Truck Name: Grave Digger Galaxy

Body: 1950 Chevy Panel Van 

Chassis: CRD 3.0 (My guess is that it will likely run this chassis when and if it gets made in real life.)

Paint: Grave Digger Galaxy (Custom Paint but typical Grave Digger Body Style)

Images: Link for an image to use for reference: https://monstertruck.fandom.com/wiki/Grave_Digger_Galaxy


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