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Stop 8: Tacoma, Washington

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Welcome back! We had to cancel last week due to an emergency, but we are back in full force here for some Arena Action in Tacoma! 


Starting off with Monster Truck Racing, times were dead close in Qualifying. All of the times ranged between 12.00-12.70 so one little mistake could make the difference between Victory And Defeat. Killer in 7/11 Savage blazed the field laying down a 12.01 and claiming fastest qualifier. Although the Hometown kid was fastest Qualfier, The slowest qualifier Squid didn’t care as he would Edge out Killer in Upset of the year no doubt. Not content he would power his way to the finals by getting by Steeples in El Toro Loco, however he would meet his match, Austin in nightmare fueled. He gave it his all in vain, as Nightmare fueled dusted Squid industries for the racing win here in Tacoma


New this week, Crawler racing! Thanks in part to Squid, the top points drivers all had custom skins this week, as we go back to the 2000s with crawler racing. An event which was really special to me as back in the day, when I would go to the Tacoma shows, the Halftime barrel racing between tough trucks, jeeps etc was one of my favorite events, I digress however. Squid and Austin would run the gamut again walking through the bracket with ease as they met each other again in the finals, and again Austin in his Nightmare fueled crawler would claw his way to the win over Squid industries


Moving in to freestyle and I’m not going lie, I missed this whole event. Going off of the scores however, it seems freestyle was up and down. It was the Austin and Squid show again however as they would place 1-2 with Squid taking the lead


Catch us next week as we compete on one of our most anticipated tracks, Truck killer: Star Spangled Mangle! 

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