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Can the older maps be updated?

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Hi, I was wondering if the older maps that were made before the FPS Crush cars were updated can be fixed with the new ones so they work again because I love using the older maps but I can't run the trucks on them anymore because if I do it prevents me from driving the truck cause the map's older cars are breaking it and preventing me from using them. Some of these maps include Atlanta 2014, World Finals 14, Houston 2014, and others. There are too many to mention them all so yeah. I really do hope that they can be updated again cause these maps were so much fun. All they need is just a car change so that it doesn't break my steering every time I try to drive the CRD on it or even CRC. Please fix these when possible as I really do miss playing on them. Thanks very much.

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On 5/7/2022 at 8:18 PM, Mike Bev said:

Tracks that I have made will be getting updated in the extremely near future.  Now that I have time and creative freedom attention will turn to where it's been lacking in my old content.

Sweet! I can't wait to have fun with them again! Also a side note, I was wondering since Monster jam and several other drivers revealed new trucks and truck designs, can we expect to see them in the mod at some point in time. (Likely some time after the World Finals itself?) Also if the World Finals 21 track itself looks good enough to make, I was hoping to see if it could also make the cut for this site and mod. It would be a cool idea. Especially with the over under concept for racing. That looks very interesting to say the least.

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