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Hi Everyone, I've downloaded this mod for my 3yo son and he loves it.  I have a Thrustmaster steering wheel and can't get rear wheel steering to link up.  I read that it's supposed to be linked by default but it doesn't seem to work.  I can use the keyboard to make the rear wheels turn with G and H but this isn't practical with a steering wheel. Manually binding the wheel to rear left/right also doesn't work.

I can't find a toggle anywhere to enable linked steering. Is there something I need to change in a config somewhere?

Thanks for the help!

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The default rear steering setup was changed to Independent Rear Steering for realism and that most users use it.

To change to Linked Rear Steering:

- Open up the parts menu in game (Ctrl + W)

- Using the drop down arrows, go to Chassis --> Rear Suspension --> Rear Axle

- Change Independent to Linked

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