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The Perfectly Ultimate Monster Jam World Finals Track


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  • Name:  The Perfectly Ultimate Monster Jam World Finals

  • Venue: Sam Boyd Stadium

  • Racing Style: Vegas Style, which is a modified version of a J Hook style track

  • Replica or Custom: Custom

  • Date Ran: None

  • Other details: The track for the freestyle competition featured a main dirt section, which consisted of a series of dirt hill ramps, followed by a line which served as the two traditional backflip trailers/beds combo, with a rail-car jump placed in the center of the section. 2 (Slightly Angled) Slap Wheelie Ramp to put the truck into a wheelie as it approaches either of the 2 next barriers, (one barrier (on one side) will have a car pad plateau with a Monster Truck on top of it, while the other (on the other side) will have a fountain,) so that when the back wheels of the truck hit that barrier, their forward-moving force will suddenly be obstructed, and without the same impediment, the rest of the truck will remain in inertia (the tendency of objects to maintain their state of motion unless they meet resistance), so the front of the truck will move forward with unequal force, propelling the vehicle into a beautiful rotation in midair, also known as a Front flip. Meanwhile, a shipping container backflip ramp will be placed on the near end of the track, and on the far end will be a backflip wall.

Please Note that this could be subject to updation.

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