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[TRACK] Santa Clara, CA


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Name: Santa Clara 2015 Monster Jam

Venue: Levi's Stadium

Racing Style: Jersey Style

Replica or Custom: Replica

Date Ran: 4 - 11 - 2015

Images/Graphics: Sim-MonstersMonster Jam 2015 Levi Stadium - Trucks Entering the Stadium with ...Image result for santa clara monster jam 2015Image result for santa clara monster jam 2015Image result for santa clara monster jam 2015_4TL1969 - Levi's® Stadium

Other details: The racing lanes do dip a bit in the middle. It was because they had speedsters going as well before Truck intros. The back flip ramp are two cargo containers, they were labeled with the "Nationwide 4G LTE metroPCS" banner. This lineup consisted of the likes of Titans like Max-D, Grave Digger, Lucas Oil Crusader, Avenger, Monster Energy, Monster Mutt, Doomsday, Metal Mulisha AND MORE! I really would love this track, I'm sure others would as well. Beam already has GREAT tracks like Anaheim, Las Vegas, St. Louis, and New Orleans. Why not add this one into the mix? I know these take a while to make but, I say it'll be worth it!

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