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Swampthing4x4 Monster Truck


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Seems all the trucks on the site are pretty much all american, could you guys make this truck call Swampthing (Swampthing4x4) its from the uk. The truck has got many trophies in its lifetime which is coming up to 20 years now. Has beaten Grave digger in a race once in the uk monster jam events. 

If anyone could make this truck. Coming from me the truck owners daughter this would be amazing

Stats for Swampthing 

Swamp Thing 4x4 is a Ford F350 Super Duty

Engine:Methanol injected 572 Cubic Inch Tall Block,BDS Supercharger by ZaNNtec

Trans:ZaNNetec Turbo 400

HP:Est 2000bhp

Suspension:8 X 26" Racesource Nitro Shocks

Height:11ft 6"Width:12ft 6"


tWeight:5,500 Kg.


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18 minutes ago, GeorginaSwampy said:

looks amazing, little bit of nit picking but we have moved on to 3d front bumber now but apart from that it looks fantastic, very good job

Thank you.  I can get the 3D effect on the teeth in photoshop, don't think getting the actual 3D teeth is possible atm.

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