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Coolest 3D Monster Truck Body


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17 hours ago, Gage_541 said:

Uh, snake bite is already being worked on.

I take it English might not be your best language to talk in, this thread is just saying which 3D bodies are the coolest in your opinion, not a request thread.

But in my opinion, best body is probably BroDozer.

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Bulldozer, War Wizard, Wicked, Samson, Hulkster, TMNT or Spike are the ones I've listed ( Out of the seven in the list of the following...that in my opinion is the coolest monster truck body are....)

1. ) Bulldozer

2. )  Samson

3. War Wizard

Honorable Mentions:

Mega Bite 

Monster Mutt Gang

Grave Digger: The Legend


Crushstation ( reasons cause me like sea food and for the fun of it, The making of the truck is somewhat unique in way like who hear has seen a lobster styled monster truck in an event before? for real I haven't told you this but I like giant monster I'm not saying I like giant monster.....at the end of the day It's freaking grown on me like experiencing those boxing match in an city.....)




Wild Flower



G.M.G ( Gas Monkey Garage )

Masters of Disaster

Stinger Unleashed


Earth Shaker

Scooby Doo


Maximum Destruction ( or Max-D which ever you prefer )




Capt. America

Kraken etc.


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