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Raminator Skins


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Since The Mjam Pack has released, would anyone make the Raminator Skins for me? Seen the truck in person a long time ago, thought it looked amazing. And if you can do both, please pack them so they can have a configuration

(Reference Pictures)

spacer.png spacer.pngspacer.png

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I am attempting to make both Raminator and Rammunition, however, atleast as of now, I am only planning to make the modern varients.

This may take a while, though, as these skins are more complicated than the Mac Tools Bigfoot I made.

The 3-D Ram on the new Raminator is not going to be put on, as I don't know how to make 3-D parts on the trucks.

Once the skins are finished, I'll post it on Beam-monsters (this website).

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16 hours ago, NKSPRODUCTIONS96 said:

i have the raminator ones ready just need to finish the shields rammunition runs 


NKS already has these skins in the works. If NKS bring all three trucks requested by @AzlancoolKid, I will not need to make any skins, but if NKS doesn't bring Mopar Muscle, I will attempt to make that truck in the best way I can.

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