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Power Forward (Both Versions if Possible)

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So, I was recently watching Monster Jam on the official YouTube Membership, and I was watching the seasons between 2000-2005 and I came across a truck that I thought would be an awesome piece since it hasn't been made yet in beam and it has a pretty cool paint scheme, I thought I would request it! It is Power Forward (AKA The Karl Malone Sponsored Truck) 

Here's the info needed for those who want to try and make it. 

Truck Name: Power Forward

Bodies: This one Ran two bodies, a 1999 Ford F150 (AKA the Black Painted one) (Although it looks more like a 2000 F150 but again I have no clue on that) and I believe the Second one is a 2004/05 F150 but I'm not entirely sure on that. (It is the Basketball painted design)

Chassis: CRD (I believe that in real life it ran a PEI but, in the Monster Truck wiki, and several sources I spoke to no one has been able to confirm it so I thought it would look just fine on a CRD)

Paint: Power Forward (Custom Paint)

Images: Link for an image to use for reference: https://monstertruck.fandom.com/wiki/Power_Forward

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