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Mike Bev - Resignation

Mike Bev

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Greetings all, I type before you today as my last day in Beam-Monsters.  I will be leaving Discord and development as a whole.  My website account will remain active as a method of contact for permission to use my content so there are zero excuses for not getting permission; and my content will be transferred to @gameboy3800 for maintenance.  I joined this community 5 years ago as something fun to enjoy and eventually was given the opportunity to help grow the mod.  I guess after all this time working on it as a hobby; the excitement to load up the game and work on new content or even just drive the trucks around wore off.


For my content, I ask that anyone wanting to use my skins currently in my pack or CRD/CRC in other games, packs, and/or main mods (yes, even main mods), please do me the courtesy and do the right thing and ask permission.  As for tracks, please also do me the courtesy and contact me before doing anything with them.  Some just shouldn’t see the light of day.


Thank you to the community for accepting me as a content creator and a person for all of this time.  I appreciate having had something to do and enjoy through High School, and watching everyone else enjoy the fruits of my labor as well.  I hope what’s still left will be enjoyable for the foreseeable future.  To the Dev Team, even though very few originals are left thanks for the opportunities.  Good luck with whatever of the many directions things are going right now.  I know there are a number of you that are celebrating this, which walked right in and wanted me out.  Whelp, here you go.  To those that kept faith in me, my abilities, and my work, thanks.



~ Mike Bev

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pretty new to the community but ive gotten a lot of hours with your trucks and you are a legend that deserves his flowers as the first comment said hope life treats you well and one day youll get the itch again but until then enjoy everything else you are passionate about you have earned it brother 

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