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Seperate the 80s trucks into its own pack please


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I have the Crc / Crd and bev pack / bobcat and see trucks like king kong III, Just Showin off, Older Big foot 8 i think it is or 7, Jersey Outlaw, Grave Digger and  a few others. Is there anyway to just have like a 80s trucks only pack or 90s only pack, if i try to just use 1 mod without the others they wont work. Having 300+ trucks loaded when i just wanted like 5 to 10 older trucks, i noticed a few posts about older trucks also but nothing about a pack of just them. Would be cool to have all the old shock and spring trucks that bounce around from the 80s, like Big Foot 1-5 and the older shorter wheel base no problem, Wild Hair and Taurus. Seems like The Grave Digger, Just Showin Off and King Kong trucks are about just like that already, just to make it a separate pack and add more to them, having other trucks mixed in when you want to have the mod to race is kinda unfair when other newer trucks are available to select.

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