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Truck Request: Bigfoot 5!

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Bigfoot 5: The world's tallest, heaviest monster truck!


Name: Bigfoot 5
Body: 1974 Food F150 (Godzilla), 1988 Ford F150, 1996 Ford F250
Chassis: Originally Joe Ritter's "Godzilla", now a custom chassis (essentially a sandwich; tires, box-like chassis, body).
Paint (images of color/graphics): Side decals can be seen here, I'm sure there are high-quality decals somewhere, but I'm not techy enough to find them.


Firestone logo and summit racing logo on the front of the chassis (Sorry for the blurry photo):



Other details: The truck sits on 10-foot-tall tires from a scrapped military "land train" vehicle, built in the 1950s for use on the Alaskan tundra.  Here are some other facts about the truck, according to blueovaltrucks.com:


Engine: 460 c.i.

Transmission: C-6 Automatic

Axles: 5-ton military planetaries and Detroit Lockers

Shocks: 16 Bigfoot Signature Series Shocks

Height: 15'6"

Weight: 28,000 lbs, 38,000 with dual tires

Width: 13'1" (20'5" with dual tires)

Tires: 120x48x68 Firestone Alaska tundra Tires, weighing approx. 2,400lbs each.


I'd be happy to help find decals or other resources if needed, but this would be a cool addition to beam-monsters!!

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