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Requirements To Run Smoothly??


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Hi Beam-Monster members, I'm WarWizardMonster (formerly known as Warwizard on Sim-Monsters). 


I'm looking to get Beam.NG for the first time on my laptop. I have a 2019 HP Pavilion that runs Rigs of Rods at 60FPS/smoothly for the most part. I did a hardware check to see if my laptop can handle the game and the only thing that didn't pass the recommended requirements was my graphics card (I have a NVIDIA GeForce MX250) but easily passes the minimum requirements. Given the game is $25 is want to make sure I'm getting a game that will run smoothly on my computer. With a graphics card that passes minimum but not recommended requirements, will the specs of my laptop be able to run BeamNG smoothly in any way?

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