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Gravedigger 20th anniversary

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Skin: gravedigger 20th anniversary

Chassis: tube

Image result for what year was 20 grave digger anniversary truck chassis

Image result for what year was 20 grave digger anniversary truck chassis

Dennis' truck was redesigned to feature large tombstones across the side of the truck, emblazoned with previous incarnations of Grave Digger, including Grave Digger 1 as the Red Primer truck, the Blue Grain truck, "Grandma", as well as Grave Digger 12. A fifth tombstone read "20 Years". The logo was redesigned as well to feature the Grave Digger 20th Anniversary logo, making it one of the few Grave Diggers to not feature the "Ghost Mountain" on the side of the truck.

Source:https://monstertruck.fandom.com/wiki/Grave_Digger_20th_Anniversary#:~:text=Grave Digger 20th Anniversary was a special body,for the Monster Jam World Finals 3 encore).

Tires:66" Terra

engine:540ci Merlin


Coan 2-speed

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18 hours ago, Christopher3375 said:

The body is in game just use digger 7  chassis from 2000 and select GD14 from the body ,and just the wheel base to fit the 145 inch wheel base I believe  

not the black one the chrome one is i was looking for the black one, never mind thanks 🙂 this is a hidden body because it dosent show up as a config you have to find it

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