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World Finals 4-6


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I don't know if this is an appropriate way to use the track request forum (and if not I'm terribly sorry) but since the files aren't around I was wondering if there's a proper download link or way to download the tracks. I keep seeing the tracks all over youtube and links for them but they all don't work. I'm sorry if this is a inappropriate use of the forum or if I come off as obnoxious. If the files are just private I will leave the request below

Name: Monster Jam World Finals IV, V, VI

Venue: Sam Boy Stadium

Racing Style: Thunder Alley/2 Lane Drag

Replica or Custom: Replica

Date Ran: IV: March 22nd 2003. V: March 20th, 2004. VI: March 19, 2005

Images/Graphics: latest?cb=20190211055107




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