CRD monster truck problem's


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I  try  to  clear  cache  and  did  the  folder  part  but  it  did  nothing      here  are  the  problem's  I'm  having  with  the  CRD : no  texture  on  the  wire's for  the  CRD  custom  halo  : no  wire's  on  the  chassis : no  option  for  a  front  clip  on  the  pick  up  body : and  when  ever  I   go  to   the   transport   wheel's   the   new   one   dosing   show   up  plus  one  of  the   wheel's   is   gray  can  you  plzzz  help  me

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i did just do that and uhhhhh it fix the wire's on the S U V like chassis's and it fix the transport wheel's and fix the R I I light's but when i swich to the strip one's i can't see them this was the weirdest problem i had with the CRD when i first got was fine?

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