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[Theme for a future update] Back To The Past


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This is one of those new genre type things that really doesn't belong anywhere, rather was made due to a fever dream, in this case, I had the fever dream and made this, The "Back To The Past" update. Hypothetically, It would happen after the 2.0 update since everything is already planned. But here's a highly unlikely idea for an update of the CRD mod. The "Back To The Past" update is supposed to be remembering the roots of this mod, while using the modern style. It wouldn't need more than 3 or 5 new remastered bodies, so it wouldn't be as tiring for the devs as the 2.0 update looks cuz of all those new bodies. It would be more old and remastered skins. The skins we would see return are the following,

  • Hurricane Force (Legacy) (2009 F-150)
  • Barcel Runners (Legacy) (2009 F-150)
  • Harley Davidson's Renegade (Legacy) (2009 F-150)
  • Growing Darkness (Legacy) (2009 F-150)
  • The Apex Runner (Legacy) (2009 F-150)
  • Death Mist Elegy (Legacy) (2009 F-150)
  • Harley Davidson's Outsider (Legacy) (2009 F-150)
  • Donut Day (Legacy) (2009 F-150)
  • The Internet Machine (Legacy) (2009 F-150)
  • nWo - New World Order (Legacy) (2009 F-150)
  • Perpetual Destruction (Legacy) (2009 F-150)
  • Gabe The Dog (Legacy) (2009 F-150)
  • Perpetual Destruction (Green) (Legacy) (2009 F-150)
  • Perpetual Destruction (Red) (Legacy) (2009 F-150)
  • Northern Nightmare (Legacy) (2009 F-150 Extended Cab)
  • Perpetual Destruction (Violet) (Legacy) (2009 F-150)
  • Perpetual Destruction (Yellow) (Legacy) (2009 F-150)
  • Perpetual Destruction (Lime Green) (Legacy) (2009 F-150)

The bodies we would see return are the following,

  • 1941 Willys Fiberglass Body (Skins: Blacksmith)
  • 1970 Dodge Coronet Super Bee Fiberglass Body (Skins: Gas Monkey Garage)
  • 1995 OBS Ford F-150 Fiberglass Body (Skins: RetroFoot)
  • 2010 Custom Panther Fiberglass Body (Skins: Predator, Prowler)
  • 2013 Custom Zombie Fiberglass Body (Skins: Zombie, and versions of Zombie)

Again, this doesn't need to happen, I just played around with Metal Mullisha (Legacy) too much and came up with this theme as an update idea. I don't expect this to actually happen, but parts from this idea would be nice to see in later updates after 2.0. And here's the end, didn't expect to read 500+ pages of the old threads just to find old skins and bodies and make an essay. Rockgod88 was the person who made the old northern nightmare body with the extended cab and lightbar iirc, and since he's a member of the team now, he can either include it in the BLZ Pack or include it in the main pack like the good old days. Enjoy this fever dream puked onto a thread.

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42 minutes ago, Chaos2TheMax said:

when i first read this i thought this was a back to the future esque truck request, i was finna say a cooler spinoff to the name would be "Return To The Past" lmaooo

I myself didn't know where this would go, but it seems fit here since its mostly trucks

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I have an old version that only had a Ford-150 AKA Metal Mulisha and only the chassis, so far I only have 2 more bodies which are Grave Digger and Garvil D Series but I can never add other bodies like Extended Cab, Cadillac or Soldier Luck or others that were in the original folder. By the way, I have Perpetual Destruction skins with all the original colors, Apex Runner, Growing Darknes, Death Mist Elegy, Internet Machine and KFA2Galaxy and others (also the physics both trying to save and doing backflips are horrible)


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