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Flashy lights on arenas (BeamNG.drive


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so they released a new update for the gamea  couple of days ago and since then I've had the issue of incredibly flashy lights on maps that I get from this site. I tested it with other arenas (like the MTFairgrounds from the modhub and the BeamNG stadium on both racing and freestyle). I tried clearing cache and playing with no mods except one map at a time, the issue still persists. I have to add that this only happens with the the lighting settings on lowest (My PC isn't the best, so I'm happy I can run the game at a decent FPS at all). Screenshots below hopefully show what it looks like (the map is the Custom World Finals 1 freestyle map, but this issue appears on all the maps I've downloaded so that shouldn't really matter). is this something that needs a lot of work or is it just a few simple values that need changing, because at first I thought it was caused by the camera flashes, but the World Finals 18 map has it as well, and it doesn't have camera flashes like World Finals 1 does.



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