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Crush cars/vans/etc. spawning out of designated area - Solved


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I have been running into an issue on some tracks where some of the crushable freestyle obstacles spawn outside of their designated area on a map (IE; bus stack in dirt hill...bus will appear NEXT to the hill). This only appears to be happening on some tracks (IE; some Truck Killer maps, Custom World Finals 1, etc.) but happens every time the map is loaded in. Any idea's what might cause this and a solution to fix it? I've tried dragging the vehicles, but they are all but firmly stuck to the ground 

As an example:

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When Beamng updated it broke Mjam's fps car pack and lighting, currently there are no ways to fix it sadly.

They changed the way vehicles spawn, they no longer can spawn in other objects and terrain, they get spawned where there wouldn't be any collision, aka next to the ramp or off the ramp.

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19 hours ago, Mike Bev said:

This issue has been brought up numerous times in the past 2 days and the answer has not changed.  Tracks have been effected by the new BeamNG game update and issues are being investigated and worked on.

I only barely read these forums, so I wasn't aware of these issues. Thank you both for taking a moment to reply, though.

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