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CRD 2.0 Hype


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@Gage_541 That's great I'm happy to see that your excited like what an year man....yeah there has been a lot of shit in our world right now. but you guys are awesome and I hope next year will be better then aftermath that is 2020, Thank You everyone for being here during these troubled times mostly you my friend you've put out some of the great mods in the of pc ( if you count rigs of rods) rather it's trucks nor tracks it was a blast see all the people in the Monster truck Community create/replicate some iconic location example the custom silverdome track you made which i sort of deleted reasons due to storage space.... anyway that's everything 

so what do you think of 2020 give me your honest thoughts and why???

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Eh hopefully 2020 will go soon because of the hole Covid thing and hopefully 2021 will be more better instead of it being a freaking world war. but I like the MAX-D more just because of the detail plus kraken that beat's RoR Beacause RoR dose not, even have the 3-D kraken like just really? RoR is really going to let BeamNG take it over just like Bye Bye RoR. BeamNG is my next stop

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