can someone make Madusa, Scarlet Bandit, Bounty Hunter etc.?


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27 minutes ago, 3doorsdown said:

I really want to see some of or most of the older trucks from 2000-2017, i say 2017 for trucks like wonder woman, i also want Iron Outlaw, Brutus, Wolverine, Superman, Batman, Iron Man, etc. i hope to see them very soon, or at least being worked on

All Of Those Trucks (Besides Madusa)Are On Bodys That Arent Being Worked On(Of What I Know) And Most Are On Different Chassis (Pei, RaceSource, Etc)

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Two versions of Madusa will be included in the next update (Pink and Mahon's RWB).  Most of what you have suggested either never ran on the CRD or require models that we don't have access to or that have never been made in the first place.

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