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plz help


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Imma copy’s roasted this from that last dude but be ready for some reading... Start the download of the file of whatever mod you would like to get. Then pull up two document tabs on your Home Screen. Have one tab open in downloads and the other open in the mods section for beam ng. When the file is completed in its download just move the file into the mods section across the two tabs you have open. Go ahead and open beam ng and clear your cache when the little white box with the options pops up. Choose the choice on the bottom and choose clear cache. You might not have to do this but I do it just to make sure the nod gets through just fine. Anyway when the cache is finished being cleared launch beam ng drive. Go into repository and then mod manager. There select activate all mods. After you do that click on the mod you are getting and select unpack. When it’s finished go back into mod manager and click activate all mods for good measure. Once that is done, you should have your mod in the game. NOTE: some mods require other mods to be downloaded along with it. Just repeat this action with the extras. Also when you game starts, some things won’t spawn in as fast as before, don’t worry it will go back to normal after playing for a few minutes. I hope this was useful still because I spent forever typing

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