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[TRACK] Fresno Fairgrounds (2012 video)


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The track is located in Fresno California and is used on a horse track's front stretch, was used until it was replaced fully by the Fresno Save Mart Center (Hockey Arena)

Track always used straight line drags and 2 middle stacks. Ran both at Night and Day


If using an earlier year, the middle jump is replaced with a van stack and second row of cars is 5 instead of 3.

At the end of the track where they enter in the beginning of the video there is a "jam" which was two cars on their sides together with dirt rams.

Again if using an earlier year this would just be 1 car for wheelies.

Name: Fresno Fairgrounds 2012

Venue: Fresno State Fairgrounds

Racing Style: Straight line drags

Replica or Custom: replica

Date Ran: March 2012

Images/Graphics: below

Other details: track is a horse racing track, trophy trucks and atv's are used in intermissions

Competitions: Wheelie/Donut (in place for qualifying), Racing, Freestyle




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