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Gta 5 Monster Truck Event


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It was Different. We did it on FiveM so we could do more vehicles. We had addon monster trucks as well. I did Monster energy. and had a custom map. there was Max-D,Gravedigger,Pastrana 199, Mohawk Warrior, and Zombie. It was alot of fun. One guy jumped it over 30 feet into the air. I wish i could have got video of it. Max-D won cause he did a quad front flip somehow thanks to GTAs broken physics. I got second and zombie One hit wondered. If i could i would do it again. I know a server to play on as well with monster trucks. lasted like 20 minutes. 10/10 would do again

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I  hold monster truck events on xbox from time to time for fun. I make all kinds of stadiums, arenas, fairgrounds, and speedways. I make replica tracks and custom tracks. We've held a few points seasons with regularly 10-14 people. It's fun most of the time but you have a few bad eggs here and there every once in a while. We follow a natural physics rule unless we are doing wheelies or backflips off of designated or closely resembling backflip ramps. If a backflip or corkscrew or strange flip happens naturally we allow it. But that aside we dont move our analog sticks to pitch the vehicles in the air. We play it as it jumps. And as stated before we use the analog sticks to hold wheelies, pull backflips, and do stoppies. However weve recently figured out how to make backflip ramps give natural backflips with the help of a grippy surface, that just mildy relies on skill and timing to pull off. Lots of tricks you see in real life are possible, even sidewalls and moonwalks. The events are really fun. We make tracks a mixture of fixed obstacles AND crushables. We even have destroyable campers. Another great thing is we've figured out how to glitch the game to give people individual color Liberators instead of just red white and blue. If anyone ever wants to try them out all they've gotta do is hit me up on Xbox. x80HDx2346. I also have clips of what we do on Instagram. @Xander_D_P

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