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new old truck ideas

mike osentoski

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so as a kid i loved a few older trucks like the old ford pannel truck grave digger think it was one or two then one of my fav i wish someone would make is the black widow truck the grave digger body style black widow purple frame black and purple body the bulldozer truck avenger blacksmith, captain's curse, monster mutt, the predator and prowler look alike trucks of the 2000s, snake bite, eradicator, virginia giant, sampson, brutus, megalodon, gun slinger, stone crusher, wild thing, just a few ideas that i would like to see added to this amazing crd collection keep up the good work love this stuff 

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Black Widow can be found in the Austin Spence pack.  Bulldozer will be a part of the next Mjam Pack update.  Avenger, Brutus, and Megalodon will be a part of the new CRC mod which is currently under development and will be released when it's ready, there is no current timeframe.

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Truck: Prime Evil

Body: 2005 Primate ( 4 inches )

 Chassis: any with red suspension and chrome headers

Colors: Brown/Gray with red print and white outline around it...here's the link in detail


Truck: Cremator

Body: ( 05-04 Hearse ) 1966 Cadillac Landau Hearse 

Chassis: any

Colors: link down here for reference 



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