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Might as well show the rest of the community this.  Welcome to Bev Pack V6, which is still very WIP, with no release date, so don't ask.  Thank you. New skins, new bodies, tires, and a new chassi

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I tried the CRD EZ skins and made these in the last 36 hours.  Nowhere near the talent you guys have, but its my first time.  Some of the graphics are from the School of Racing Graphics.  I just figured out how to change parts so I'm going to redo some parts on Psychobilly.  I'm not sure how to upload pictures yet


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trying to add photo
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1 hour ago, rockgod88 said:

Bit of work done on BlzPack....



YES THIS WAS MY BIGGEST COMPLAINT WITH V2! Amazing work man, cant wait to get back to making customs with your parts and what not, works a real damper on my creative fun ūüėē

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