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Might as well show the rest of the community this.  Welcome to Bev Pack V6, which is still very WIP, with no release date, so don't ask.  Thank you. New skins, new bodies, tires, and a new chassi

strench   retro

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13 hours ago, jedipresence said:

Megalodon Fire Skin.
WIP on chassis and parts colors. Skin is complete




YOOO! That's sick, I love that! Glad you're making Megalodon in the pack. Didn't expect you guys would even make this monster truck since its another 3-D concept.

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Well guys it is time that production starts on a new chassis. The CRC is next in line... yes that means avenger will finally be done. This is a super long task with NO RELEASE DATE currently. So far this is the progress and plans..

CRC Plans:
Stage 1- I have most of everything in game at the moment. Right now, we are focused on finishing up all body models so we can send off the bakes to the graphics artist.
Stage 2- Jbeam most/ all bodies
Stage 3- Update interior models
Stage 4- Skin interior models
Stage 5- Suspension Tuning
Stage 6- Selectable Parts/ Add ons
Stage 7- Testing phase begins

Avenger Body:

Axe Body:

Brutus Body:

Megalodon Body:

Pick Up Body:

S10 Body:

WIP Pirates Curse Body:

WIP Nomad Body:

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