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Game is not loading maps!?

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I have been playing Beamng for a while now and never had any issues until recently. I play on an Alienware 51m laptop (I do not know the specific specs off the top of my head) and have never had any performance issues. Maps load in fine, textures load in fine, high FPS, and I play on the standard graphics setting. Monster trucks load in and work beautifully, best mod for this game in my opinion, but then I run into this new issue. For some reason, my game will not load in any arenas. The game will crash on the loading screen. It loads in the World Finals 18 map, but no other maps. I have tried deleting and reinstalling both the game and the mods, as well as cleared my cache multiple times. It just refuses to load in maps. But it'll always load in the first map mod I install, then every map mod I install after that will not work. 


I do not know what the issue is, but I don't believe its the mods fault. The mods I install always have good, positive reviews, and never any problems reported. That leaves me to believe that maybe it has something to do with my One Drive? Like I said, my computer doesn't have problems running higher end games. I play VR on it, as well as Beamng, GTA 5, and so on. I have never had any issues, even with other map mods and vehicle mods for this game.  


If anyone can direct me to a solution, that would be awesome! Thank you!

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