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Mud Madness I and II


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Unfortunately due to the new update BeamNG put out, when I selected to move my mods to the new folder all my mods got corrupted and I lost all of them. Recently, I've been redownloading most of the mods I had but cannot seem to find any traces of Mud Madness anywhere. These two tracks and the track Gage put out are the only mud event tracks I know of and would like help trying to find these tracks/ files again so I can reinstall them and play them. If anyone finds links to these tracks that can still be accessed I would very much appreciate it as these where some of the most fun tracks to play on with mud involved.


Video's just incase people never got to see the track either:


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Included videos for visual representation
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I started revamping Mud Madness I a little while ago, but have been occupied with other projects.  I will be working on more track revamps here soon, but for now I ask that you please be patient.


I also do not support distribution of my old files.  If any of you have anything of mine from the old Forums, please respect this!  I will be putting out a better version of everything at some point in time.

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