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1 hour ago, MWV01 said:

@andersongravedigger50When I want to the wiki survivor's chassis wasn't listed except for the Boby Type and the driver who drove the truck which was really little bit confusing cause wiki obviously or the person who made wiki site forgot to put in the chassis name for some reason

@Mike Bev Thanks! 

No problem.  Chassis was never really a part of the Wiki at the start but some have gone through and updated it with chassis, should probably be done more lol

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@Mike BevI agree with you, same thing with the convict truck and in wiki only this time they didn't listed who drove the truck.... but only show the body type it's ran on like WTF....like update your bloody wiki and stop have me research truck that don't listed a Chassis or Whom drove the truck...



Another examples:

The Goodyear Truck (this body for this truck wasn't listed on wiki little bit annoying as heck tf)



The Convict Truck


Monster Events


N/A (No Name) This was from the wiki don't sue

Body Style:

1952 FJ Holden


540cu.in. Big Block Chevy


Powerglide Automatic


66" Terra



Theme Song:

"Bad Boys" by Inner Circle


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