Show Your Projects Chapter 2

Mike Bev

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6 hours ago, bigfootfan2020 said:

Wasn't being rude.. i mean i could of said it in all caps but no i was calm cool and just being postive and really thinkin is this putting pressure  on the content maker..

either way, I'm calmly saying that moving forward, lets let the author respond to questions concerning their content.

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finished the ramps, may fill the cars a bit with dirt to prevent the ramps from grabbing tires but other than that all it really needs is more decal roads across the floor and it's done, racing will need to have the jammer car moved over a bit as it's too close to the parking spaces, along with an overhaul of the decal roads because I lazily did them in the racing version having not quite figured out how to lay them down properly I might have this finished soon, though that depends on what my work schedule is (also yes I learned months ago you can corkscrew off jammer cars if you hit them just right)


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17 hours ago, Gage_541 said:

I'm sure that it is 2012 

If thats a curved corner jammer im seeing at the end of the tunnel then it would be 2011 but it could honestly be any track inbetween 2011-2014 with that repeating color scheme

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