Show Your Projects Chapter 2

Mike Bev

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13 hours ago, MMCS said:

Hello! This is my first track I have ever done. I still need to finish painting it and smoothing the jumps out a bit. I would love some advice. I made all of this in one night.


Glendale 2009! 




I would suggest fixing the wall banners to be accurate to the 2009 season and not 2021

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1 hour ago, soggy.enchiladas said:

I would suggest fixing the wall banners to be accurate to the 2009 season and not 2021

I am doing that last.

On 7/15/2021 at 1:14 AM, MEE6 said:

Hello Everybody Reading This! , I've Been Working On Alot Of Things This Year, I've Showed Them Off But I've Never Released Them Because
A-I Get Side Tracked, 
B-To Lazy To Do Screenshots,   
C-Not Tested

Either Ways, These All Will Be Released Hopefully Soon !!!

Stepps OverBored:


Custom New Orleans:


Miami 2009 Replica:

Glendale 2019 Yellow Replica:

San Antonio 2008 Replica:

Houston Custom:

Can't wait for SA 2008

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working on racing now, left a section of the other lane untouched so you can see how bad the decal roads were before I started redoing them, they were way too bright and needed to be faded in more, also need to add some paint wear to the sides of the ramps to make it appear a truck made a mistake and clipped the rampspacer.png


EDIT: racing is 100%, now I just need to finish freestyle, which just needs some more detail on the ground




EDIT 2: just finished freestyle, should be up on the website today



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As we wait for the HRZ Pack to arrive here are some skins that i made recently. 


We start with the Bendy and the Ink Machine monster truck idk about the blue tint.



Next we have 2 trucks based on adult sitcoms introducing Family Guy and South Park!

South Park comes with the Top Speed setup so when this releases make sure to have Blz Pack installed!



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