Show Your Projects Chapter 2

Mike Bev

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What is up everyone, it has been awhile since I last posted. Today I will show the latest progress of my pack and I will talk a bit about release.


First the progress,

I have updated Disney XD to be a bit more realistic. this update includes:


A reworked hood




and updated sides



A new truck has been added to the pack,

a custom Sudden Impact:



That is it for the progress of my pack, now on to the release.

I originally planned to release this pack a few weeks ago with the custom Destroyer being the last truck made for first release. That plan has changed. The reason is the fact that CRD 2.5 will change some things that requires files to be updated. I do not want to release something only for it to be useless a short time later. during this time I am and will be improving and adding some skins.

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chicago style is underrated on an anaheim course 


this is my first attempt at making a track hopefully ill be finished with this one soon. mostly making for fun and too learn so if somethings not 100% right then ill try my best to fix but cant promise very much.

(i know the bmx landing ramp can be smoothed alittle bit more but other then that i might not change very much since its just a project im doing for fun and to learn off of





still a wip 

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1 hour ago, JoshTheBestGamer said:

I hope you guys put 12 time world champion instead of 11 on max d that needs to be fixed! Or add a new max d with 12 time on it!

12 Time would be for the 2020 version only.  Years prior ran 11.

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