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so i would like too see the old Bev Pack skins mainly Hot Tamale Eqaulizer TMAXXX  and the old HotWheels 2002 TT skin i would not recode them or redistrebute i just would like to see them becuz i never drove them becuz i started my BeamNG playing in CRD 1.17

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I might do a proper Hot Tamale and Equalizer at some point, T-Maxx is dead in the water and HotWheels 02 maybe if we get a single cab SuperDuty of the right year.  I don't have pictures anymore of that stuff and I don't support the distribution of the content of my old packs, sorry.

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7 hours ago, GraveDigger411 said:

Maybe someone else could hook me up with them becuz i never got to drive them 😞

Don't know what part of "I don't support the distribution of my old content" you missed there bud, but you're S.O.L. until me or someone else remakes them properly.

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