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Parsec VS Beam-MP explained


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If you haven't already seen any of the new videos of Beam-MP and us using the CRD mod of use playing it, i would suggest having a look at them, but first let me explain the difference of Beam-MP vs Parsec the old way of event hosting.


parsec is a free service that allows users to connect to another users computer and basically co-op play on the other users computer. we used this to use the multi seat feature in beamng, this allowed the MSEC to be hosted by gameboy3800. how ever we has issues with this from time to time since controller support for X-input on one pc is only up to 4. so only 4 controllers can be connect at one time. the other issue can be latency, and if you have terrible internet this service is almost useless to you. one major plus with this service is that since the only computer needing to have beamng is the host, someone who has never played before would have the chance to play beam through this service.


  • don't need to own/have Beamng installed
  • computer spec needed is very low
  • Free for everyone


  • Need good internet
  • can't use a wheel or other type of controller other than a Xbox or similar controller
  • can and will have issues with more than 4 play's and will need to rotate players around
  • host need's to have high spec computer with internet to match.



So at the time of this post Beam-MP has no native mod support or mod sync, with that being said it is possible to add CRD and maps to Beam-MP but if you watch the current testing videos we have made you can see the sync error's because of the lack of current support for mods. with that being mod sync is on the roadmap for development for them so in the future this should be a small issue if one at all. at the moment there are two version's of beam-MP, public access and Early access. public access is laggy and glitchy atm but can be fun, now the EA version is what you have seen in video's. In the EA version the lag and glitchy movement in the base game cars is next to gone, and if you play this version you will have a fun time with friends and it's almost seamless. if you have ever wanted to play beam with a few friend's this is the best way to do it if you have a computer that can support a few car's on screen and have good internet. this version does come with a cost though, all you need to do is donate at least a dollar to their patreon and you will get access to EA. Now we have found a way to use CRD on this mod with custom map's and its a blast, but with out mod sync this is not currently ready for public application since it would be glitchy af and would probably stress and kill server's easy, and if you where to do this on a public server you could get banned because mods are not currently allowed at the moment for this reason. we do plan on having a dedicated CRD server for this mod when it is ready for it, and we are going to consistently keep a eye on this so it will be ready as soon as possible.


  • is just like playing regular beam but with friend's
  • can us any controller you want
  • is always being improved.
  • will be free in fully developed
  • will have full mod sync


  • Need high to medium spec Pc
  • need okay internet
  • currently can't "officially" us mod's
  • need to pay a dollar currently to use best version.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- we will be keeping you updated on CRD on Beam-MP as we test with it and will make sure that the CRD works just as good on MP and it does on singleplay, so until then stay tuned for more updates on Beam-MP.


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