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What are some tracks you would like to see be made?


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Hello all! Another fun thread for everyone to give some cool opinions on. This thread will be dedicated to tracks that you would like to see get made for BeamNG.

Here’s a small list of stuff I think would be cool additions to the Beam Monsters community.

-More Arena Tracks (I’ve fallen in love with doing arena shows but we don’t have very many arenas. It would be dope to see more realistic/ replica arenas made to have fun with!)

-Unique but realistic Stadium tracks. (I actually liked the 2021 tour track design but I would love to see some people out there own spin on it. It would be cool to have a unique layout with cool designs inspired by the 2021 track!)

-A Cool Stadium Tour Design in multiple different Stadiums. (This happened this year with the 2021 Track as it’s in many different stadiums but I would love to see it done with a unique but realistic track. I’m a huge fan of running tours in my free time and think it would be dope to have a Beam Tour in like Houston, Tampa, St. Louis, etc. that has the same track just in all sorts of different locations!)


These of course are just some fun threads to get the community more involved so what are some Track stuff you guys would like to see? I’m really hoping some attempts my last idea and I’m open to talk about any of this! Feel free to text me on discord (Trooper Walker#2342) and I would love to talk more. Have a great day or night! 

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