Monster Trucks Post-COVID


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Just a question for everyone, do you think that the industry will change post-COVID? 

Is it far fetched to postulate that the playing field might be leveled since MJ has gone under indefinitely (from what I've seen on social media, this could be wrong)? Like with Coty Saucier moving to the Bad Company team, maybe more of the top drivers will switch over to the independent side and other promoters can start putting on shows at venues that MJ previously held theirs at? 

This is all just speculation and hypothetical, but I think it might be cool to see the Grave Digger team function as an independent entity

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I could see the industry being, in some aspects, vastly different from before at first, especially in terms of tours such as MTT, MTW, and, as you stated, MJ.

But slowly but surely, however, I see it recovering. It will take a lot of time, certainly, but eventually it'll be back to being at least similar to what it was like before.

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On 7/1/2020 at 1:12 AM, takadai184 said:

MJ hasn't helped themselves either by alienating most of their former workers either. I can speak for myself and many others when I say I'll never work for them at any capacity for the rest of my career

They didn't alienate anyone by any means. As far as on the business side goes they did exactly what they needed to do for the most part. They should have let the employees know before news broke but I can assure you that MANY of the former employees will go back when/if they are called. Arlington is the perfect example because I was called to work club for the shows and to no surprise I saw a lot of familiar faces upon my arrival at the stadium last week. I have worked 4 shows now with Feld as a club track crew guy and they have taken care of me/my team better than ANY job I have ever had. I know many people who can attest to that as well in my inner circle. It all came down to them having to cut budget in order to attempt to keep the name alive. Nobody knew how long this was going to last so they prepared for the worst which is always hard to do. Everyone who worked Arlington had the biggest smiles on their faces and were so grateful to have been working again for Monster Jam. They will be back to full force eventually. It is just going to take a few years to get back in full swing. 


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