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Mod FAQ:
Q: When is the next update coming out for (insert name here).

A: When it's ready, the author will provide a release date, if they plan to release anything at all.

Q: Can we get a XYZ chassis?
A: Chassis development won't be done for awhile because it is a long, difficult process; but we have a strict order in how we're going to tackle them when the time is right, be patient.


Q: Will we ever get a front engine chassis?
A: Maybe in a few years.


Q: Can we get World Finals XYZ?
A: All world finals will be done in time.  Be patient.


Q: Can I become a beta tester?
A: No.


Q: Why doesn't the mod show up in the vehicle selector.
A: Make sure you put the files in the mods folder, zipped.


Q: Why is my BeamNG.drive crashing every time I try to spawn/switch a track?
A: This has been proven to be a BeamNG issue with the 0.2 update and hotfixes.  This could also be an issue in that you don't have the required files listed in the description to make the map function properly.  What I have found to work for switching maps is to de-spawn everything before switching, if this doesn't work you're out of luck until they hotfix it.


Q: Why can't I find the skin I downloaded in my vehicle selector?
A: Because it's not set to be shown in the vehicle selector.  The only way to spawn it in game is to load a truck with the same body and slect the skin in the parts selector.


Q: Why does the truck I downloaded have no texture?
A: You need to clear cache which is found in Support Tools when you first start the launcher.


Q: Why is this track loading with a bunch of D-Series trucks?
A: You're missing MJam's FPS Crush Vehicles pack, or if it's an old track, HumanTarget's FPS Crush Vehicles pack.


Q: Can/Will we ever we have (insert truck/skin/body)?
A: Maybe at some point in time down the road but please hold off on suggesting anything.  We have a lot of projects going on currently and want to get that content out to you all.


Q: How do I link other Beam-Monsters.com uploads in my upload's description?
A: Copy/Paste the link of said mod into your description.


Q: Why does my truck have orange "NO TEXTURE/MATERIAL"?
A: Make sure you don't have duplicates and clear cache, we cannot stress clearing cache enough.


Q: With CRD 1.19+, there's base mod skins that don't load.  Why is that?
A:  These are the most common reasons: 1. There's a duplicate CRD/CRD_AddonPack file.  2. You only downloaded one file and not the other.  3.  You have the CLN pack installed which will overwrite a lot of new base mod skins.


Q: I'm making a skin and there's no material on the inside of the rim, where can I find that texture?
A: That is the inner rim texture (CRD_rim), it should be the same color as the rim itself.  The "template" stock texture can be found in the main CRD.zip's common textures, and colored versions can be found in either of the main mod files or any of @MikeBev's skin packs.


Q: Can I compete in the Beam-Monsters League?
A: No, it is a very selective tour that's invite only.  Could this change?  Maybe, not my call.


Q: When will the track XYZ be updated?
A: This is up to the author, please do not pester/question about tracks not uploaded to Beam-Monsters.com


Q: Is the template pack getting an update anytime soon?
A: No, the template pack will no longer be recieving updates.


Q: Will CRC be a separate mod from CRD?
A: Yes.


Q: What is the difference between CRD and CRC?
A: CRD (Carrol Racing Development) has been building Monster Truck chassis' since about 2009 and is pretty much the basis of the modern chassis, mostly used by FELD Entertainment.  CRC (Cory Rummell Chassis) is built by Cory Rummell himself out of Team Scream Racing's shop, there are only 2 in existence.  Cory's truck builds have wider stances and longer wheelbases, with a good amount of chassis sticking out of the rear end as a wheelie bar and fuel cell protector.  Cory's trucks are also some of the heaviest trucks on the circuit, weighing in at 14,000lbs.


Q: Is it ok to pester the author of a body that's put in game about getting the files to use it?
A: Absolutely not, do not pester anybody about getting any files or information about release.


Q: Why are the V4 FPS cars showing up w/o color?
A: Reload the track.


Q: Why is Max-D on the CRD, shouldn't it be on the Willman?  I'm pretty sure that's what it only runs.
A: Allow me to educate you.  You can see other CRD trucks in #documentation.

Q: The new beam update screwed up my mods, any help?

A: Watch this video from the Beam-Monsters YouTube Channel!




Issue: Beamng Singleplayer loading Into BeamMP
Fix: When you launch the game click “Manage user folder” > uncheck “move user data” > click on “Reset”. This will fix it (Quote from the BeamMP support team)


Issue: BeamMP server list not showing server's
Fix: Restart BeamMP and run as administrator. this issue can happen due to BeamMP not correctly loading the first time


Merch FAQ:

Q: Where do products ship from?
A: We have 2 shipping and fulfillment centers in the U.S.A - one in North Carolina and the other in Los Angeles. We also ship and fulfill orders in Europe from our distribution center in Latvia. This enables us to absorb some of the customs cost with international shipping.

Items shipped internationally might include extra fees. For a full list of items that are only shipped from the US see below:

T Shirts:
American Apparel BB401 Unisex Poly-Cotton Short Sleeve Crew Neck
American Apparel 2408 Fine Jersey Tank Top Unisex
Next Level 6733 Ladies' Triblend Racerback Tank
Bella + Canvas 6681 Women's Crop Tee with Tear Away Label
Anvil 990B Youth Lightweight Fashion T-Shirt with Tear Away Label
American Apparel 2007 Unisex Fine Jersey Long Sleeve T-Shirt
American Apparel TR401 Unisex Tri-Blend Short Sleeve Track Shirt
American Apparel BB301W Poly-Cotton Short Sleeve Women's T
Los Angeles Apparel 2332 Fine Jersey Short Sleeve Cropped T-Shirt /w Tear Away Label

American Apparel 5454W Unisex California Fleece Raglan Sweatshirt
American Apparel F497 Unisex Flex Fleece Zip Hoodie
Anvil 71600 Full-ZIp Hooded Sweatshirt

Enhanced Matte Paper Framed Poster (in)
Canvas (in)
Premium Luster Photo Paper Poster (in)
Premium Luster Photo Paper Framed Poster (in)
All Over Print Sublimated Towel

 Some apparel items may be shipped from the US depending on availability, without our knowledge. Our fulfillment partners reserve the right to do so in order to fulfill orders in a reasonable amount of time.

Q: How long does it take for my custom product to reach fulfillment?}
A: We take about 2-7 business days to create custom apparel products (t-shirts etc.) and 2-5 business days for non-apparel (posters etc.) products. For international orders, we take 10-20 days to print and deliver your order. After an order is fulfilled, we can not offer a refund.


Q: How will the apparels fit?
A: Please reference our Sizing Chart to see exact measurements. If you are still unsure, we suggest that customers order a size up as most of our items are cotton and will shrink after being washed.


Q: How long do customers have to submit a claim for refund/exchange?
A: Any claim for misprinted, damaged, or defective items must be submitted within 21 days after the product is received. For packages lost in transit, all claims must be submitted no more than 21 days after the estimated delivery date. You will receive an email with shipping information when your package has shipped. Please email merchsupport@streamlabs.com with the title 'Refund/Cancel (Order #).' and allow us to fix the situation before disputing with PayPal.
We do not provide exchanges due to sizing issues as all of our products are made-to-order.


Q: What if a customer wants to cancel an order?
A: Customers will receive a confirmation email after completing an order. The confirmation email will provide customers with a link that gives them the option to cancel an order. Cancellations can only be made before an order reaches fulfillment. Fulfillment usually takes 10 hours after an order is placed but can sometimes be faster.


Q: What happens if a package isn’t delivered to my customer, but tracking says it was?
A: We will cover a variety of courier errors such as lost or damaged in transit, postage due errors or generally misrouted packages when tracking provides no clear details or cause.
In the rare cases that a parcel is marked as delivered by the courier, but the recipient reports they have yet to receive it - we would not cover the cost of reshipping the order. Again, this only applies if the tracking details state that a delivery was made to the recipient's address.
In most instances, it is found that the delivery was made, but left at the local post office. Recipients should reach out to their local post first to locate their package. Should the package not be at the post office, recipients should reach out to the courier and inquire if any additional details were left by the delivery person - e.g. "left under a table on the back porch."
If you are unable to locate your package you will need to contact merchsupport@streamlabs.com with the title "Lost (Order #)" so we can place a new manual order to have it reshipped.


Q: What happens if the recipient's address was wrong?
A: It is the customer's full responsibility to correctly input their information. In the event a customer enters the wrong address and the order has already been fulfilled, the customer will have to wait for the order to make its way back to our fulfillment centers in order for a re-shipment to be placed. In order for a re-shipment to be placed, the customer will need to send in a small re-shipment fee via their Paypal to merchsupport@streamlabs.com and send in the updated address.

**We can not guarantee that all orders will arrive back to our fulfillment centers. Should they become lost in transit along the way it is still the customer's full responsibility to place an entirely new order since the address was input incorrectly to begin with.

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