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Beam-Monsters costs around $90 a month to run and operate at its current state.


If you would like to donate please click "Donations" tab at the top of the page.

In order to become a "Donator" you must donate at least $10, if you do 2 transactions of $5 within 1 month I will bump you up to a donator member. The Donator Member Status is good for 3 months. You may also choose to donate anonymously if you would prefer.


Message An Admin If You Need Donation Perks!

Donation Benefits:

- Donator Role (New Name, Color, and Banner)

- One Name Change Every 30  Days (Members Can't)

- Search Something Every 5 Seconds (Members 20 Seconds)

- Can Change Rating on a File/Topic (Members Can't)

- Allowed Animated Profile Picture (Members Can't)

- 15 Conversations Allowed to Start Per Day (Members 5)

- 20 Maximum Recipients Per Conversation (Members 10)

- 50 Stored Conversations (Members 25)

- 8 Maximum Number of Clubs Allowed to Create (Members 4)

- Unlimited Number of Reactions Allowed Per Day (Members 10)

- Help Keep Beam-Monsters.com Up and Providing Content!

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