Monster truck 2 minute freestyle and racing scenarios? is it possible?

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I'm not sure if its even possible? if it is some one should try to do this. I feel like it could really add some realism to the CRD BeamNG community to make it more immersive. Make a racing scenario with an A.I. so people can race against an A.I.. it would benefit a lot of BeamNG Monster truck Youtubers  who do racing videos for BeamNG. so that way they don't have to try and edit 2 videos and mash them together and time them perfect with each other. definitely would be a time saver! A  freestyle scenario could be useful for doing realistic freestyle videos or just in general being able to have a 2 minute timer to go off of to tell you when your freestyle is done and have a judging system somehow to give a score between 1 and 30 like it used to be and base it off real life pros and cons of a freestyle.... base the score off of momentum, WOW factors, track variation, use of track, saves, tricks... obviously that's a lot of work for all the tracks that are out there but if someone could start one I would probably recommend trying to use the MTF(monster truck fairgrounds)? just thought id drop an idea on here and see if anyone has tried or can try it out. 

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I kind of figured that racing wasn't gonna be possible as with the judging system I just wasn't sure if the game had the underlying capabilities or not? but yeah if a 2 minute timed freestyle scenario came out even for just the MTF as a start and then more on down the line that would be a pretty big and good step for video makers and everyone who likes the immersive experience. 

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