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FPS pack replacement assistance request


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Hi everyone.  First time poster.  Had to self learn how to replace FPS cars on a few maps.  The issue I am hoping someone can help with is some maps I am able to modify and save, others I cannot.   Thanks you for any assistance.  And yes, I have cleared and re-cleared the cache.


For example, I was able to replace and update the Mid America Offroad Map and Ocala with the FPS v5 vehicles and save.  Was able to TAB through and make changes, adjust with world editor, save, and they are good to go.


However, Tyler County Speedway and Great American Bash will not let me go through (TAB) and make those changes like the above.  Am I missing something or are some maps "protected" per se?


Lastly, I was able to do the replacement and save on Monster Nation Beaumont, Texas 2019 and it saved.  I was able to close out, reopen BNG and play again.  After a couple changes to other maps, that one decided to completely black out except the FPS vehicles I replaced.  Thoughts?  Thank you again for all the great content and help!

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