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Introduction/Welcome to the Nationals!

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Hello All BeamMonsters users!


Welcome to the Monster truck nationals! I (Killer) have been competing in Leagues across BeamNG and Rigs of Rods for the last couple of years. For me it was a great way to escape the stresses of college and working. Recently i have finished school, and work a very slow job while i apply for others in my career field, and i have found myself with too much downtime, so i decided to start a league!


The idea for this league was simple, as stated before i have a lot of downtime but aside from that I've always wanted to run my own tour with a couple of friends so i have done just that. With the Help of Kotarax, Squid King, DakAttack and Spiffyful (All Officials in the league) we have created the 7/11 "sponsored" Monster Truck Nationals.  Drivers will compete in weekly events, on varying courses. One week we may be in a replica Monster Jam stadium, and the next a small custom fairground. As always, we will have Racing and Freestyle, in addition to those events we will also have "Mini Monster" racing on the 48-inch tires in the BLZ pack.


Currently everything is in place for us to start events, i am just in the process of getting the server which would be done by Friday, if not i should have it by this weekend. If you'd like an invite please feel free to DM on Discord @Killer.Kamanu#2673, Or reach out to me on Instagram @Killer.Kamanu.


Thank You and im very excited to start the league!



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