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Preseason Recap

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What a preseason event!


Starting off with our field of drivers: 


Red Ram- DriftnShadow 

Little Tiger- KK-1701-K

Martyr- Rad_Rob

FTI Torque- Pepput

El Toro Loco- Steeples

Squid Industries- King Squid

American Nightmare- Spiffy

Heatwave- DakAtak

Nightmare Fueled- Austin

7/11 Savage- Killer.Kamanu

Overboard- Prawndaddy


Starting off with the qualifying and racing brackets it was tense! Many drivers, rookie and seasoned vets alike, all struggled heavily in the early stages of practice trying to figure out this tricky but fun figure 8 style course. We had some very close first round matchups, Like FTI Torque Vs Red Ram and 7/11 Savage Vs American Nightmare. In the end consistency would win out, as Prawn in Overboard stayed smooth all night and would end up taking out Dak in Heatwave, who is also showing big improvements in racing.


Mini Monsters was more of the same except we would see some much closer racing, thanks to the hairpin first turn off the start. Many of the competitors had never run on 48" tires before, making for some fun and close races. Prawn continued his dominance in the racing category again, as he would again, edge out Dak in the finals and take home both racing trophies.


Finally, we make it to everyone's favorite event, Freestyle! No experience needed here as every driver came to play. From the first to the last, every driver hit the course to lay their claim for the freestyle crown tonight. First timer KK in little Tiger showed out, with some nice air and wheelies. A little bit after that we would see 2 lead changes as FTI Torque and El Toro Loco would lay down some amazing runs, scoring high for both the time and momentum categories. In the end though Dak would avenge his racing losses and put the truck through its paces as he would throw down a dominant freestyle culminating in not only move of the night, but the freestyle win. Dak would come off the racing ramp a little wonky, and bump into the pod on the right side. From there he would sidewall the truck till he brought it back down right in front of the backflip ramp which he proceeds to combo into a maximum moonwalk. 


All in all, the event was a huge success, and we are happily on track to kick off the start of the points season this weekend.  If you would like signups are available and will be available throughout the season, just sign up here, or reach out to me or another official on discord. 


Have a great day!

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