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Stop 1: Ocala, Florida

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Event 1 is officially in the books, Lets start the recap off by checking out the field of drivers!


Fun-Haver driven by Prawndaddy

Nightmare Fueled driven by Austin Ketchup

Squid Industries driven by Squid

Twisted Fate driven by Spiffyful

Bounty Hunter (Yellow) driven by Chicken

7/11 Savage driven by KillerKamanu

Little Tiger Driven by KK

Bearfoot driven by Pepput

Titan driven by TwistedDrift

Rash Decisions driven by Overkill

Sting Driven by Atomic

Heatwave Driven by Dak

El toro Loco driven by Steeples


The action started off hot in racing, as with many of the veteran drivers having trouble with the new racing layout this left the door open for a newcomer to really step up and show the old guys how it's done and that person's name was steeples. Staying consistent all throughout the night. Steeples would first take down Dak in a close race then in it what was truly upset of the night, knocked off 3rd quickest qualifier squid in squid industries. Unfortunately, all Cinderella stories come to an end, and steeples met his match in eventual race winner Austin Ketchup. The night wasn't clear of controversy either, as a round 2 matchup saw Spiffy Take on Prawn. as both trucks came off of the first jump, each truck drifted towards the center, where spiffy would end up making slight contact with Prawn and sending him over. After a discussion with the officials however, the call was upheld as the contact was incidental and Spiffy would move on to face bearfoot in the finals.


From there we would move into best trick for the first time this season. With this big open Ocala track, it was definitely going to be interesting to see how drivers would approach their run, would they be conservative and just try to get good solid hits in, or would they just full send it out of the gate? Many of the competitors opted for the latter option, as we saw a lot of huge air into slap wheelies, Chicken, Titan and a few others would try their hand at backflips, some even got really technical like Steeples going for a popper to moonwalk twice and eventual best trick winner Prawndaddy riding out 2 beautiful stoppies and comboing them up, to avenge his early racing exit.


In freestyle alot of drivers really showed out, as nearly everyone (with the exception of a few one hit wonders) filled time or had filled majority of the time before there run had ended. Just as we saw in Best Trick, many drivers showed no fear on this wide and open track with the biggest surprise coming with chicken in the 3rd run. Chicken in Bounty Hunter chose an aggressive approach as he was all over this course, hitting every obstacle, riding out some nice wheelies and even getting some nice combos in, we all thought his run would end in disaster when he held a wheelie over the big ramp, but he was able to bring her down and ride away. Much like we saw in our first 2 preseason events though, Prawn would take the freestyle win with an impressive run where he would full send it off of any and every jump, even landing the cleanest and smoothest, backflip to moonwalk.


Top 5 in points 

1. Nightmare Fueled 35

2. Fun Haver 33

3. Twister Fate 29

4. El Toro Loco 22

5. Rash Decisions 21


Congratulations to this week's winners Austin Ketchup and Prawndaddy, Next week we will be live from BMX County Fairgrounds, untill then have a great week!

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