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Stop 2: BMX County Fairgrounds

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Welcome back to MTN, were back in action for stop 2 at BMX County Fairgrounds, as always lets kickoff the recap with our driver lineup!


Fun-Haver Driven by Prawndaddy

Nightmare Fueled Driven by Austin Ketchup

Squid Industries Driven by Squid

Twisted Fate Driven by Spiffyful

Bounty Hunter (Yellow) Driven by Chicken

7/11 Savage Driven by KillerKamanu

Bearfoot Driven by Pepput

BYOB Driven Jonny

Sting Driven by Atomic

Heatwave Driven by Dak

El toro Loco Driven by Steeples

Black Pearl Driven by Kaz


Throwing it back to the old school Chicago style courses from the 2000s, Drivers matched speed with skill as we hit speeds in excess of almost 45 mph this week! With great speed comes great responsibility however, as with increased speeds a lot of drivers had trouble managing the turns, and would either wash out and miss the ramp, or spin out altogether. Kinda like we've seen a lot of so far, Prawn was the one who was able to stay in control, and cruised into the final round, where he would edge out spiffy in the finals.


Tuff truck racing this week was a little on the dangerous side, as the partial figure 8 course saw drivers starting backwards on the racing lane, before coming right at each other in the center before finishing over the opposite racing lane. We saw many near misses, as drivers carried a ton of speed through the middle area of the track, but none of them could match prawn daddy as he would sweep both racing portions of the event tonight, again defeating spiffy in the finals.


With the ramps being a bit on the bigger side this week, drivers would have to be careful how they approach this track as too much speed could have a disastrous ending. We saw a lot of drivers unable to get past 45 second mark, as well as many who broke early, but Steeples was Able to pilot the Wild Bull El Toro Loco Ice to a winning run with a great mix of technical tricks, Air and a couple of nice saves.


Top 5 in points

1. Fun Haver --------- 73

2. Nightmare Fueled --------- 63

3. Twisted Fate --------- 60

4. El Toro Loco --------- 52

5. Bearfoot and 7/11 Savage --------- 47


Next week, the drivers and trucks will be headed out to the charlotte dirt track for some classic cross over racing!



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