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Stop 3: Charlotte, North Carolina

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Welcome back to the Monster Truck Nationals Weekly recap, Stop 3 is in the books and it was definitely a more relaxed show which still brought a lot of action to the Carolina Crowd


Due to Tech issues a couple of drivers had to miss racing tonight, however it would not change how close some of the racing was! With this long over under course drivers were going to have there work cut out for them. Steeples and i would end up meeting each other in the finals, where i was lucky enough to put him away in the final turn and seal the win!


With racing over fairly fast, we moved right into best trick, which was a little more exciting then I thought it would be to be honest. Drivers tried there hand at numerous tricks, Steeples doing his classic moonwalk, Prawn had some interesting hits as well, but it would be nightmare fueled taking home the win and closing in on the lead for the points


Finally we move into freestyle! Again it seemed like everyone was on there a game this week as many of the scores were very close to each other. Nightmare fueled and Austin again would show up especially in the momentum and air categories sending the truck off of every ramp, and for sure clinching air of the night!


Top 5 in points

1. Fun-Haver 110

2. Nightmare Fueled 94

3. El Toro Loco 85

4. 7/11 Savage 83

4. Twisted Fate 83


Next week we'll be tearing up Glendale October!

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