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  1. What about non CRD updates... mmmm. No one wants chassis's? 😓
  2. Guess for the people who are not in our discord or watch the youtube videos... CRC release October 1st!
  3. @Docholiday @Abroopt @Bobcat @Freddy5404 @jedipresence Would be up to these guys if someone wants to make it
  4. Well Alien Invasion is getting a rough jbeam today, can watch on the youtube channel!
  5. They are super outdated, I dont know of anyone with a link to them anymore
  6. Go to the repository section in beams main menu, then click mods, and activate all
  7. Everyone be sure to thank Mike as he has been the secret backbone to the last few updates. Especially with Mjam pack as ive been doing other things.
  8. Always whipping up something good for you guys
  9. The downloads are not broken, and there is an FPS version
  10. Wheres Tony Stewart when you need him
  11. Well some MAJOR updates on CRC, may not look like a lot mesh wise but everything is now named and in a single collection in blender. Still ahve some more meshes to add but this is another big step... And with that, i remastered World Finals 1 which is out now!