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  • Redline Custom World Finals By Redline

    After months of work Im glad to finally release my custom world finals! Track used the new Sam Boyd template made by @Mjamfan22 so this features spawnpoints and new textures plus more. map itself features a custom ride truck circuit and a tuff truck time trial, While the file is large in nature but contains BOTH racing and freestyle   File one full Sam Boyd surrounding area details File two FPS friendly crush version File three FPS noncrush CRUSH CARS ARE NEEDED  
  • Beam-Monsters Stadium 2022 By Mjamfan22

    A remake of the classic BeamNG Stadium. Changed a tad bit for freestyle but overall kept it mostly the same.   Big thanks to Aaron Lurie for the original. You'll need the crush pack  
  • gameboy3800's CRD Addon Packs, Engines, Loading Screens & More! By gameboy3800

    Hey guys gameboy3800 here once again! This here is the page where you can find all my non-cursed mods for the BeamNG Monster Truck Community! Previously each zip was its own page, and could be a little hard to find. Now though all the main attractions are right here in Developer Addons! I do not want this page to be actually 6 books long, so I’ve included the credits and part documentation for each zip in another file if you like seeing the behind the scenes of creating a mod like me and the oth
  • World Finals 19 By bqlistic

    Relive the Monster jam World Finals XIX Experience! (FPS Version Coming Soon...)   Links First Link - Friday / Racing Second Link - Saturday / Freestyle Credits Stadium - Hank / Mjamfan22, Chris B, Aaron Lurie, and Maxdman Banners - Jacob Cervantes Most of Track Mesh - Jacob Cervantes Beamified - bqlistic   FPS Crush Cars are required for this track to work properly!  
  • Bev Pack By gameboy3800

    Make sure to remove Classics, Mtn Dew, Jam Customs, and Spence packs!   One of the largest packs to Beam-Monsters ranging from various skins to new body, part, and tire inclusions.   PLEASE GET PERMISSION FROM AUTHOR(S) BEFORE USING CONTENT OUTSIDE OF THIS PACK!   This pack includes: Bodies/Parts: 1954 Corvette ProMod - John Dough@Sim-Monsters and Hydro@Sim-Monsters 1979 Ford F-250 "Mudder" - Andrew Sheets@Sim-Monsters and Aaron Frederick 2000 "C
  • World Finals 21 By bqlistic

    Monster Jam World Finals 21 Racing & Freestyle!   File 1 - Day 2 -High Jump -Freestyle File 2 - Day 1 -Racing -Rainy Version of Racing   Any missing credits and / or complaints? Please message me via Discord! (bqlistic#4383) Enjoy! Requires Mjamfan22's FPS Crush Cars in order to work properly!  
  • Atlanta Motor Speedway World Finals 21/22 Custom By Boss987

    A World Finals Custom at Atlanta Motor Speedway in Atlanta, Ga. I've spent quite a while working on this track and will be adding 3 more versions soon. Files: 1. Racing/Intros 2.High Jump/Encore 3.Skills/Freestyle 4.Muddy 5.Duplicate Link(site is being weird and keeps adding it) 6.Google Drive Folder(for people who can't download fast from mediafire) 7. BeamMP Version Track Information: 4 Competitions: Day 1- Racing(32 Trucks), and High Jump(12 Trucks) Day 2- Skills(12 Truc

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