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  • Beam-Monsters Official Loading Screen Pack (2024) By Beam-Monsters

    A collection of community-generated images intended to enhance the aesthetics of BeamNG's main menu and loading screens for 2024. The main menu screenshots are now broken, we will update if we find a fix.   Special recognition goes to @gameboy3800 for discovering the process of implementing custom loading and main menu screens.
  • BBCustoms Sammy Mega Truck By TheBgamerBBYT

    Custom Mega Truck I Made way back in MudRunner and brought to BeamNG. There are some known bugs I am aware of such as the rear driveshaft breaking the truck mesh. I released this as lots of people were  looking forward to the truck, so enjoy!
  • Werewolf N/B By Danny_Werewolf

    It's finally here! After just over a year of work from mostly me, CLNGames, and many others, starting all the way back in May 2021, Werewolf N/B (Nodebeam) goes public. The most fun V4 breakables on the site!    These trucks aren’t meant to be 100% new or totally accurate, although sometimes I end up going a little overboard. Trying to keep WNB creation low-stress is surprisingly difficult, hence why the server was private for a while. From now on, truck-making may be a little slower,
  • Mjam Pack By Mjamfan22

    Credits: CRD Body Models- 1941 Willys - Edy, Killswitch 1948 Willys Truck - Klayton Halog, Chris Hamilton, and @Mjamfan22 1967 Jeep Kaiser M715 - John Dough 2003 Silverado -  PM Customs 2009 Dodge Ram - RockCrwlr 2009 Dodge Ram Bumper - @rockgod88 2009 Dodge Ram Lettering - @NKSPRODUCTIONS96 2008 F-250 Super Duty, 1994 Dodge Ram, 2003 Silverado Bumper - Andrew Sheets 1969 F100 Ranger - Treevus 1969 F100 Ranger Edits - @Develop Terron, @Bobcat 2019 Octon8tor, 2005
  • gameboy3800's Specialized Addons Pack By gameboy3800

    3.03 hoftix Jan30: uploading what I have for Adjustable Addons and Specialized Addons in preparation for my next Community Event! new things include: utilize a common folder on the new Detroit Diesel 8v92 thats available on CRD, Willman, PEI and squid's custom SIC chassis. The front 605 Hemi finally has working textures and is now included in this pack so you can finally have your bigg boi blowers out the hood!                        3.02 hotfix dec12: fixed front hemi intake cutout ho
  • Dahoe Mega Truck BBCUSTOMS By TheBgamerBBYT

    Originally a Mudrunner mod converted to Snowrunner, and now its proper place in beamng where it is going to be much cooler.    
  • San Diego 2022 Replica By bqlistic

    Welcome to San Diego, CA! This track took weeks to put together, and it's finally done! Stadium Model is from Supercross the Game w/ Edits by @f_uzion If I missed any credits, please message me ASAP (Through Website, or @bqlistic#4383)! Files File 1 - Racing File 2 -  Freestyle This track needs Mjamfan22's FPS Crush Car Pack in order to run the regular versions properly!    
  • BBCustoms Razin Hell Mega Truck By TheBgamerBBYT

    This was one of my SnowRunner mods that I have converted over to Beamng, because we all know the physics are much better in this game,  anyways heres Razin Hell. It is a custom that I made.
  • Beam-Monsters Great American Bash III By Mjamfan22

    Hold onto your hats, y'all! The Beam-Monsters are tearing up the Great American Bash III track like a tornado through a trailer park! This course is tougher than grandma's homemade chili, but these big boys are taking it on like a cowboy in a rodeo. Get ready for some serious mudslinging, tire shredding, and engine revving action. It's gonna be wilder than a bear at a picnic and funnier than a southern accent on a New York street. So grab some sweet tea, pull up a lawn chair, and let's see who c
  • Willman Monster Truck By Beam-Monsters

    The review section below is NOT a place to vent frustrations due to missing textures/No Material, or improperly spawning trucks. Our mod goes through an extreme vetting and testing phase to make sure there is NOTHING broken in the files and will work as long as you follow our guidelines on how to install! Negative reviews related to missing textures, no materials will NOT be approved. You can message a moderator, leave a comment in the comments section, ask for help in the forums, or contact
  • Blank Map V4 By Mjamfan22

    New Blank Map for track makers. This map has a lot of new features listed below. PLEASE DELETE PROPS, TREES, ETC YOU DO NOT USE! - Brand New Map From The Ground Up - Multiple Spawn Points (Can add more in info file) - New Background Model - PBR Materials - Updated Props - Pyro Template - Crowd Cheer Template - Interactive Environment Sounds - Proper Map Temperature - All new decals (Can change colors) - Stadium Echo Sounds Template - Countless Ground Materials and Col
  • Bobcat Creations Pack By Bobcat

    Here is the long awaited update to the Bobcat Creations Pack. This pack has been 9 months in the making and it has grown larger than I ever thought this update would become. Last update the was a little over 20 skins and now has over 60 skins. In this update you will find many new new additions to the headers as well as a new rim insert. The rims Inserts have been moved to the new slot under the rims so they can now be selected as needed instead of having to be wrote into the jbeam code for the
  • Bqlistic Designs Pack By bqlistic

    long awaited update to this pack is finally here, time to go back in my hiding corner 🙂 thank you for the patience, ik its not perfect but just be happy i finally released it LMFAO IMPORTANT: YOU MUST DELETE CREW CAB TRUCK PACK IN ORDER FOR THIS TO WORK! Credits Bodies -2019 Ford F-150 XLT Fiberglass Body - John Dough -1992 Custom Chevy Reptile Fiberglass Body - Swegliner849 & Zach Steele) -2015 Chevy Silverado Dove Tail Fiberglass Body - Terron (edits by bqlistic)
  • Seattle 2022 By bqlistic

    stadium tour red track from last weekend enjoy!   requires fps crush car pack in order to work  

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