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  • Blank Map 3 By jedipresence

    Yes! Yet another updated Blank Map. The 3rd rendition of this classic adds: The new non crush cars, Collision props (backflip containers), Ramps for building (seperated), and much more! by @Mjamfan22 Updated colored dirts and updated to be completely standalone of any other map. No other map is required for this to work! Update!  Now has proper temperature for optimal monster truck performance! The most significant improvement included with Blank Map 3 is the "groundmodels" folder. T
  • Blz Pack v4.1 (Swaybar hotfix) By rockgod88

    4.1 : Fixed front PEI Swaybars, Fixed double Slick tire glitch, minor naming fix 4.0 : - New Hemi Engine! -2.0 Compatible -New Presets -New Props -Fixed + Updated tractor Tires   Along with update for 2.0 Adjustable wheelbase  Headers Tires Anderson suspension + axles   Note, it is MANDATORY to DELETE BlzPack3 if you still have it!!! Credits: Mike Bev - Thumbnails! Wave @SM - Jester 2020 paint! JediPresence -
  • Atlanta Motor Speedway 2021 By Docholiday

    It's here. Atlanta Motor Speedway 2021. A pretty highly requested track. Comes with an actual atlanta motor speedway model and version of the map. Thank you everyone that helped with this project. Enjoy    needed to work properly  
  • Bobcat Creations Pack By Bobcat

    This is a pack of skins created for myself and a few other drivers in the BMPML series. There is also a few personal skins as well as a replica of Rislone Defender. The is also 9 different new headers that work on the Merlin, Ford and Hemi engines. In addition to the headers, there is also 3 new "rim covers" that are sadly not selectable but can be tied into a skin for custom trucks. There is a new bowtie made for the Defender replica that is selectable in the bowtie section. *****IMPORTANT
  • D Fiddy's Pack By D50-Stallion

    A pack full of some customs I¬†did with a handful of reps. I take¬†skin requests so DM me on Discord (D Fiddy#9468)¬†¬†It might get a¬†spot in the pack! Hopefully more skins to come! More Bodies will eventually come but keep in mind I'm not putting every body on the chassis! Enjoy ūüôā ¬† File One is My reps and Custom Pack File Two is my custom Chassis¬† ¬† (note MOPAR THUNDER IS NOT AN OPEN CUSTOM!!!) I don't like to be that guy but this truck is my baby so I don't really want it
  • Bev Pack By Mike Bev

    UPDATED! NEW BODIES, PARTS, TIRES, AND SKINS! Override and Lightning Strike are NOT open customs!! I present to you, one of the largest packs on Beam-Monsters, the Bev Pack!  I decided to make the focus of this pack be more realistic and showcase some of my better reconstruction work that didn't make the main mod as well as some personal customs, similar to the Jedi Pack.  However, after some practice and learning this pack now included extra bodies and parts!  And as always, enjoy!
  • Mjam Pack By Mjamfan22

    Enjoy! Credits: Body Models- 2003 Silverado -  PM Customs 2009 Dodge Ram - RockCrwlr 2009 Dodge Ram Bumper - @rockgod88 2009 Dodge Ram Lettering - @NKSPRODUCTIONS96 2008 F-250 Super Duty, 1994 Dodge Ram - Andrew Sheets 1969 F100 Ranger - Treevus 1969 F100 Ranger Edits - @Develop Terron 2019 Octon8tor, 2005 Custom Taz - Edy Beltran JBeam- Original - @FLyInG 2 YoUr SoUL Edits - @Mjamfan22@Mike Bev Skins- FTI Torque, Hurricane Force, ProMT Predator, Fies
  • Century Link Field - Star Wars Custom By jedipresence

    Been working on this stadium model for quite awhile now. Finally got it to a point where its releasable. Don't really have any more time to dedicate to it, so I figured i'd release it now so people can enjoy it while I focus on the CRD mod.    Credits: @Freddy5404 for painting track   Stadium: Converted and edited for beamng