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FAQ for Beam-Monsters Community Forum:
Q: When will the next update be released for a specific mod?
A: Release dates are determined by the mod author and will be shared when available.


Q: Can we expect a specific chassis to be added?
A: Chassis development is a complex and time-consuming process. We have a plan in place to address them, but it will take time. Please be patient.


Q: Will a front engine chassis be added in the future?
A: It is a possibility, but it may take a few years.


Q: Will World Finals versions of certain trucks be added?
A: Yes, all World Finals versions will be included eventually. Please be patient.


Q: Can I become a beta tester?
A: No, we do not offer beta testing opportunities at this time.


Q: Why isn't my downloaded mod showing up in the vehicle selector?
A: Make sure you have placed the mod files in the correct location within the mods folder, and ensure they are in a zipped format.


Q: Why does my BeamNG.drive game crash when I try to spawn or switch a track?
A: This issue may be caused by a BeamNG.drive update. Ensure that you have all the necessary files listed in the mod description for the track to function properly. Try de-spawning all vehicles before switching tracks.


Q: Why can't I find the skin I downloaded in the vehicle selector?
A: Some skins may not be set to appear in the vehicle selector. You can load a truck with a compatible body and select the skin in the parts selector.


Q: Why does a truck I downloaded have no texture?
A: Clearing the cache is often the solution for missing textures. Go to the Support Tools in the launcher and select the option to clear cache.


Q: Why is a track loading with D-Series trucks instead of the intended vehicles?
A: This may occur if you are missing the MJam's FPS Crush Vehicles pack or HumanTarget's FPS Crush Vehicles pack for older tracks.


Q: Will specific trucks/skins/bodies be added in the future?
A: There is a possibility, but please refrain from suggesting new content at this time, as we are currently focused on ongoing projects.


Q: How can I link other uploads from Beam-Monsters.com in my upload's description?
A: Simply copy and paste the link of the desired mod into your own description.


Q: Why does my truck have an orange "NO TEXTURE/MATERIAL" message?
A: Removing duplicate files and clearing cache often resolves this issue.


Q: Why do base mod skins not load correctly with CRD 1.19+?
A: Common reasons for this include duplicate CRD/CRD_AddonPack files, incomplete file downloads, or the presence of the CLN pack, which can overwrite new base mod skins.


Q: Where can I find the texture for the inside of the rim for my skin?
A: The texture you are looking for is the inner rim texture (CRD_rim) which matches the color of the rim itself. The stock texture can be found in the main CRD.zip's common textures, and additional colored versions may be available in other mod files or skin packs.


Q: Can I participate in the Beam-Monsters League?
A: No, the Beam-Monsters League is invite-only and not open for general participation.


Q: When will a specific track be updated?
A: The updating of tracks is at the discretion of the author. Please refrain from pestering or questioning about tracks not uploaded to Beam-Monsters.com.


Q: Will there be updates to the template pack?
A: No, the template pack will no longer receive updates.


Q: Will CRC (Cory Rummell Chassis) be a separate mod from CRD (Carrol Racing Development)?
A: Yes, CRC will be a separate mod.


Q: What is the difference between CRD and CRC?
A: CRD is a chassis used by FELD Entertainment since 2009 and serves as the basis for modern chassis. CRC is a chassis built by Cory Rummell with unique features such as wider stances, longer wheelbases, and additional chassis protruding from the rear as a wheelie bar and fuel cell protector. There are only two CRC chassis in existence, and they are among the heaviest trucks on the circuit, weighing 14,000lbs.


Q: Can I request files or information about releases from the author of a body that's in the game?
A: Absolutely not. Please refrain from pestering anyone about obtaining files or release information.


Q: Why are V4 FPS cars appearing without color in the game?
A: Try reloading the track to resolve this issue.


Q: Why is Max-D on the CRD when it primarily runs on the Willman?
A: Max-D can also be seen on other CRD trucks in our documentation.


Q: The latest BeamNG update has caused issues with my mods. Any help?
A: Watch the video tutorial provided by the Beam-Monsters YouTube Channel for guidance: https://www.youtube.com/beammonsters



Issue: BeamNG Singleplayer not loading into BeamMP
Fix: Launch the game and click on "Manage user folder" > uncheck "move user data" > click on "Reset". This should resolve the issue (as quoted by the BeamMP support team).


Issue: BeamMP server list not showing servers
Fix: Restart BeamMP and run it as administrator. This issue can occur if BeamMP didn't load properly on the first run.

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